Frozen Dreams

by Exiled From Eden

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released September 17, 2013

All music and lyrics by Exiled From Eden.




Exiled From Eden Espoo, Finland

A six-piece MeloDeath band from Southern Finland.

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Track Name: Scavenger
I'm going to smash your face brutally against a wall
There is a scavenger, scavenger it will end up to war
Anything, anything I will throw away with you
Can someone please tell me what the fuck I have to do?

I only see red
I only see stains
I feel my sanity draining
I feel like I'm falling down

You're just a scavenger
I'm an outsider
You will only eat
My darkened flesh and bones

I'm going to see if you're easily destructible
When I'll get to you, face so dull, will get a new design
Do you see, do you see yourself in beautiful dismay?
Can someone please tell me where the fuck did you run to?

You're just a scavenger
I'm an outsider

Would you believe my theory instantly?
Men like you ravaging, savagely, where ever they are
Memories, memories overcome by disease
Can someone please tell me why the fuck I got to go?
Track Name: Ascent
Why do I keep descending
When I have come unchained?
An era of pain has passed
I can't keep hesitating

I will shatter the walls
And the chains that bind me are gone
I will conquer the halls
And the thoughts that used to be wrong
Will be shown in the light of dawn
A breath of soul reborn

Break free from your shell
Break free from your Hell

We won't remain in here forever
Even the world we know is mortal
Fight it, against the inevitable
These scars are proof that at least we tried

I will banish them all
And the lies shall bewitch no more
I will answer the call
And the armor that is withdrawn
Will be burned with the prison doors
A flesh of soul reborn

I will leave behind the darkened shackles
I will look ahead to the thousand shallows

Why do I keep descending
When I have come unchained?
An era of pain has passed
I can't keep hesitating
From the depths of darkness
He rises, purified
The shadows guiding his way
This time he's in control
Track Name: Ocean of Time
For I am drowning
The water has risen
I can hear it calling
Swaying up to my neck

Oh, lend me your power
Ocean of time, in my eyes
This rift is choking me
Ocean of time, in my eyes
My fight here is in vain
Ocean of time, in my eyes
Carry me away to the deepest place
Ocean of time, in my dreams

How can we simply wash away?
Why those who fill us with beauty drown?
When did this sand start to eat me away?
I'm floating without time

(I'll) rise my gaze to the sky
Watch the stars as they fall
Let the ocean carry me
In the end we will all sink down

In my dreams!
Track Name: Labyrinth of Lachesis
Just obstacles, walls surrounding
The only path leads forward to the unknown
A new junction, new decision
Will define what my future has to offer

A common mistake is to search for the exit
While you're still blinded from the truth
There's no way out of the labyrinth of Lachesis

Another day, nothing's changed
How much wisdom can this place decimate?
Another day, that's all the same
Will continue painting my tale yet again

Don't take my words as a complaint
I'm telling you what I've seen with my own eyes
These are the facts, simple and plain
This world is harsh but also fair for your kind

What does it feel like?
I was abandoned
My prayers unanswered
I thought I would be dead
But then I saw the light
Now you finally feel the walls closing in
Can you honestly say you've never done a sin?

After my time, after I'm gone
Someone else will come to replace
The only path is a circle
History will repeat itself like before
Track Name: Frozen Blood
Long way I have travelled in a snowy storm
The air is so thin that I can't even breath

I lost my mind into the endless ice
Surviving is the only way to get out
This breeze has already freezed my eyes
I can't realize. Why are you leaving me?

I can't keep fighting without you
There's no escape from this frozen prison
This is just a bitter madness
Can you heal me with frozen blood?

This cold shelter of my heart keeps growing more
The endless winter takes everything

I can't realize
Can you heal me?
I have frozen
This is my frozen blood