Eve of the End

by Exiled From Eden

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released October 31, 2014

All music and lyrics by Exiled From Eden.




Exiled From Eden Espoo, Finland

A six-piece MeloDeath band from Southern Finland.

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Track Name: Eve
I always feared, I’d lose the spirit from my eyes
Perishing to the depths of the relentless tides
As a son of perdition, raped by the “love”
Of a spiteful father that cast me down

Mother I cry, when will I find you?
I am in pain, aching from disgust
Perhaps mother, it’s best for this way
My soul, my spirit floats longing for serenity

Just swaying with myself in the wind
Infinitely through pounding squalls of my own pain.
Underneath the black clouds, blinding the sun
I journey seas my prayers for you, my dearest heart

The way to heaven is not paved with my gold,
My soul’s not just for its road.
So I bid farewell to set adrift,
I’m not fit for this world, I’ll swim to the next one.

Mother I cry, when will I find you?
I am in pain, bleeding from my wounds
Perhaps mother, it’s best for this way
My body, my vessel lays waiting for eternity
Track Name: Genocide
Now it's time!
Fulfill your duty
Destiny for which
You were made to be

Don't plead for mercy
I have all right and rule
Over your puny soul

We have a task at hand
You won't slip away from
Your destiny for which
You were made to be

You must kneel before me
Obey as I command
I have all right and rule
Over your puny soul

I hold the strings in my two hands
I choose your fate, I am your god
I am your doom, and if I wish
I set you free, pull the trigger
You are mine to kill or let live
Punish or praise, I am your god
Pawn in my schemes, my mercenary
Bound by your oath, pull the trigger

Let the barrel sing
Let them fall
It's their destiny
As it was your own

Ruby flows
Among the torn
Yet the hatred hungers
Craves for even more

Find those who try to hide
Bring me their crying eyes
It was their destiny
As it was your own

I shall take you as well
My own mercenary
Yet the hatred hungers
Craves for even more

They all had to die in certain circumstances
They all had to bleed to fill the lakes with red wine
He has served me well in act and body alike
He has been the lock that keeps my plans from failing
Track Name: Spark
Reach out your hand, I'll pull you closer
Let loose the chains, and dive deeper
Don't be afraid, of the journey
In seas of coal, the diamonds lay below

Within this blackened dusk
Is there anything to trust
That would break the veil of night
Bring me closer to light?

All my life drifting in the sea of coal
Never brave enough to dive below

Shades obfuscate
My view of truth
Lies generate
Twisted deceits
Anguish retreats
As they're drawn away

Within this blackened dusk
Are you worthy of my trust?
Can you liberate the spark
Hidden midst the cold dark?
Track Name: Gates of Repentance
Before long
The shades in shackles
Travel to his lair

Lambs for slaughter brought forth once more
Embodiments of the sinful quota
Realize in horror the fate of despots
As now judgement calls upon their souls

As thorns in my flesh I can feel your words weak
The thoughts of a coward who chose to beseech
Accused of your crimes, you stand next in line
Gates of Repentance now rise

Gaze upon
The path you shall take
Dark guts of the void

Don't believe what they tell you about redemption.

For awhile
There is a silence
Lingers until next herd
Track Name: Black Birds
All the words I said
Were completely wrong
Wish I could speak again
Maybe (this was meant to be)

This feeling inside me
Makes me feel so worthless
Before, everything was better
These dreams will never come true
Now, you are finally free
Again those black birds flying
After all these weeks but
I can't see, I am blind

I can't stand this no more
Still memories in my head
I'm blind

All the thoughts I shared
Were always so naive
Wish we could meet again
Maybe (this was meant to be)
Track Name: Epistle for the Emperor
I met a man once.
He told me how the world works,
Held my hand as I took the steps,
First for my kind.

"Worry not, my son",
I was assured,
"Doubt will clear in time.
Your faith will be confirmed."

Emperor of Heaven's kin,
Let me leave,
Ain't yours to keep.
Emperor of Heaven's kin,
My soul awaits me.

His path was not mine.
I grew out of paradise.
Regardless of love from yonder,
I chose otherwise.

"Don't hold me back!"
I made a claim,
"My live's still intact.
Future's mine to make."